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Our Story

Welcome to Srivari Spices & Foods Ltd.


All of us have fond memories of our childhood and especially the food that was made in our kitchens. Fresh, wholesome, and tasty, we can still smell the fragrance of hot roti’s made from fresh Atta ground in neighborhood atta chakkis or the curries made from authentic spices and masalas which gave it a unique color and flavor.

The story behind Srivari Foods began in one such kitchen and is a testimony of one man’s endeavour to bring fresh, pure and the most authentic and wholesome atta, spices, and masalas back onto our dining tables.

Narayan Das Rathi is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary who dreamt of taking spices, foods, and more recently sharbati and regular atta to the discerning Indian consumer. With a single-minded focus on QUALITY, and on providing the purest most authentic ingredients to our kitchens, our story is just beginning!